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To help up reach your full health potential, I can offer you a wide range of wellness services. Many of these services ca now be offered online. I am an experienced healthcare partitioner trained as a nurse, physioterapeut, Pilates instructor etc.

Trough my 35 years of client care experience it is my passionate belief that wellness services benefit many conditions. They can be an excellent complement to other healthcare services you may already be receiving. 

Perhaps you may be experiencing some of the many health conditions that benefit from wellness services.

Are you injured, suffering from chronic pain conditions, stress related issues such as pain and stiffness in different part of your body, like your neck, chest, lumbar spine, pelvis, hip and feet?

Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness, or jaw problems?

Are you experience chronic fatigue, sleep disruptions, or stomach problems?

Are you suffering from anoxiety? 

Wellness services can also help you boost your general health levels.

Maybe you wan to become stronger, more flexible, reduce your waistline by practicing Pilates?

Or do you want to learn more about how to eat well?

Or be prepared for the unprepared. Learn CPR and safe life.

My mission is to help you achieve your highest potential for well-being by offering you the best possible support and with lasting results. Together we can develop a comprehensive solution to improve your wellbeing, your family’s, or your employees wellbeing.

”Good nutrition and exercises improve the function of the hole body and mind in every person”. “Re-boot & Reset”

Hälsotanken physical part of the clinic is closing October 21 due to the spread to Covid 19 in Uppsala until further notice. You can still get help with a complete solution that is about improving the health of yourself,  your family or your employees via the following online services:

– Physiotherapy: conversation, examination, assessment, rehab / training advice

– Pilates training in groups and / or privately

– Zen-Ga group training

– Dietary advice where diet programs, exercise plans can be given if desired

– Stress management techniques, for example finding good posture / symmetry in the body, breathing exercises, body scanning, mindfulness, TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)


We have experience & skills to get you in good shape!

Re- Mind!

Contact me at: + 46(0) 703 184 677, halsotanken@gmail.com

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