Triggerpoint massage

If you want to avoid the pain – trigger point massage may be something for you?
Trigger points are tense areas arising from contraction of muscle fibers through an injury or overload. Muscle protects itself by pulling together and trigger points occur . If the tension remains, the points will occur in the tendons and nearby muscles. The point are stitching  when the therapist put pressure toward the muscle and it can also cause pain farther away, such as pain, numbness, or tingling in your fingers or legs.

These points are not visible on X-ray. Experts who investigated and worked with the points mean that up to 75 percent of all the pain in muscles depends on the trigger points. Nevertheless, these points relatively unknown and remains untreated in Swedish health care. Instead given primarily painkillers instead.

The massage is performed quite powerful, either drag with your thumbs, or keep a constant pressure alt. an auxiliary tool of the sore point until the pain decreases, the maximum of a minute and a half. First, a painful state after 10-30 seconds before the trigger point dissolves and pain release. Trigger points often come back if you continue for example with an improper posture caused them.

What symptoms does trigger point massage works best at?
Trigger point massage works well anywhere on the body. The most common pain is stress jaws, headaches of various kinds, especially tension headaches, pain in the neck, shoulders and shoulder and lower back pain.

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