“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

We offer
Time Price
Classical massage 55 min 750:-/ session
Stott pilates privat session 55 min 750:-/ session. If you buy more than one session per month you get 100:- discount, 650:-/ session.




Semisession, 2 & 2

55 min




55 min

240:-/ session. You can buy:

5 sessions:950:-

10 sessions: 1650:-

20 sessions: 3000:-

450:-/ person and session

We recommend, when training in a group or semisession (two and two) we recommend an initial private session where posture analysis, goal setting, through the five basic principles, as well as the commencement of Pilates training is included. Posture analysis aims to give you a better idea in terms of posture, your strengths and weaknesses, what is changing and improving. This meeting gives the instructor and yourself  important information about you and the training can then be better adapted to your physique and your personal goals.