Good Nutrition

”Good nutrition and exercise improves the body in every human being.”

How do we actually eat?
We need food to live. All people eat.
Why is it important to pay attention about what we eat?

How do we actually eat? We need food to live. All people eat. 
Why is it important to think about what is stopping us?

We have an abundance and plenty of food in our country and the food 
contains large amount of sugar. A lot of sugar makes us sick. 
Living in the ”western world we are now too soon becoming affected by
bad health and illnesses that we must live with for a long time,
if we survive. Science indicates to us our wellbeing and 
health including lifespan depends on what we eat and how inactive we are.
Moreover has reachers indicate that high blood glucoses will damage us
 in the long run. But we can change this and that will improve our health.

How do you know what quality it is in the food you are buying and eating?
What are the difference between energy rich food and nutritious food?
How can you thing about the distribution of your meals and the amount
of food you are eating?
Could that be important?
How can I think about different diets?
Does powder diets work or fasting?
What food is good for me?
"Good food is the base for a healthier life"
As a nutritionist I have the knowledge to guid you. You can actually
become more alert and reduce pain by keeping track of what you are 
eating. It is important that you consider why you want to change your 
diet. Put words on the primary goal. 
Depending on your goals I can provide you with knowledge and tool in 
term of good foot and exercises. Science show that exercise makes
it easier to maintain your weight loss int the long run. 

"Do not make food a religon. It´your body that needs nutrition".