Monica Söderström

                                                                                                When you need to…

  • manage an injury and /or disease
  • find knowledge how to build up your body from the inside and out.
  • learn more about of how the body, the psyche and the body’s signals work together to heal better.

Then it may be wise to search for an experienced therapist who holds several qualification.
I am Physiotherapist (licensed in Sweden)/Registered Nurse (licensed in Sweden)/Cert. Masseur/Stott Pilates Instructor Level 1 Mat & Reformer (educated and certified in USA). I run a private practice in my home town Uppsala/Sweden. As a physiotherapist I am specialized in Behavioral medicine, Sports Injuries, Manual Therapies, Massage, Western Acupuncture and Kinesiology taping. I also trained as a Stott Pilates instructor in Massachusetts, USA and integrate Pilates in my treatments.

I also give workshops. For example I have been giving workshops to staff working in Health Care, at  Offices, at industries, Retiree Associations, Breast Cancer Associations and Soccer Association. Overall, the workshops has been designed based on the customers’ requests, but could for example cover any of the following topics: “Healthy Life Choices”, “The Impact of sitting”, “Eating and everyday training”, “How you can influence your biological aging”, “The effects of long and short term stress/Techniques for stress reduction”, “How to vitalize your memory”, ”How to maintain your muscle functions” Sport Injures. I also collaborate with Certified Psychotherapist Elisabet Mattsson within a workshop about health and leadership, “How to pursue healthy Management”.

”We are what we repeatedly do”

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