About Mbraining & mbitcoaching

Have you ever wondered about the following questions:
– Health issues that are specific to your heart or intestinal tract and / or other
injuries as well as physical symptoms which you suffer from?
– Conflicts between your thoughts, feelings and actions?
– Do you feel challenging in making decisions or can not motivate yourself to act?
– Being insecure, feeling frustration, anger and /or anxiety?
– That you do unwanted behaviors, habits and do not know why and have trouble stopping them?
These can be symptoms and reactions to stress.
Now there is scientific knowledge with deep insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions that inform us of three powerful intelligences, and / or “brains,
The brain, the heart, the stomach.




MBraining is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science.
This is a new field.

We work with what prevents you into desired action in life,  your desired future and /or goal. We use the deeply interactive Mbit technology. You will learn how your three “intelligences” (brain, heart, stomach) work together to support and improve life more successfully. You will use your own breathing and learn to balance  your breathing. A balanced breathing will help you stabilize heart rate and blood pressure and to focus inward. Then you can start making a reasoning with each of your three “intelligences”. All of this aims to balancing your heart, brain and gut, thus gaining insight into what you did not know and to make better decisions for yourself.

“Learn it now and get into the ground floor. “


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